A Look Back at 2022


Typically in business, companies compare previous months, quarters, or fiscal years to the previous year.  This provides a perspective on budget, forecast, growth, and stability.  When we think about the last 3 years, it’s hard to say what is normal anymore, or what it is we should be comparing to! …

Top 20 New Features 2018

2018 Event Management App Features

Our app developers LOVE working in the Event Management industry because it’s constantly changing and presenting new challenges. This year was no exception and we were hard at work gathering feedback, designing and launching new app features to ensure our Event App software stayed ahead of the curve! In 2018,…

Promoting Member Volunteerism within Associations

Over 62 million people volunteer their time over the course of a single year in the United States alone (data from Bureau of Labor and Statistics). Many of these are volunteers at non-profit charitable organizations or fundraisers, churches, schools, etc. This type of service usually revolves around giving back to…

10 Event Tech Trends to Watch for 2016

Happy new year

Again for 2016, we have compiled a list of ten tech trends association and event professionals should watch. However instead of a research paper, we are releasing these trends in an infographic. Read the post to learn more about these trends and how to download the infographic.

R@H Mobile App Sponsorship Guide

Sponsor's hands up

To help explain the many ways our mobile event apps can provide value to sponsors, we’ve created a new sponsorship guide. Read the post for details and to download the guide for free now!