How to Increase Member Attendance for Your Association’s Conferences

Empty member conference board room

It happens again and again. You do everything you can to get your members to attend your conference, yet many never show up. Ask yourself- did you really do everything you could? Probably not. A recent blog post by Kalahari Meetings listed tips for associations to use to get members to attend their next conference. Read our blog post for these tips and our own event app take on them. 

New R@H Feature: Exhibit Hall Pop-Up

Results at Hand blog announcement banner

We’ve been listening to recent feedback from our customers on ways to improve our mobile app. We value any and all feedback from our users, but one comment we paid particular attention to was regarding our exhibit hall map. Read more to learn about our latest update to this feature.

Go Mobile Without The Flu

Flu season ahead

“It is that time of the year again,” I know I’m tired of hearing that line, but it’s true! It’s that time when germs spread and somehow everyone you know has gotten sick! First things first, you likely came here to read technology relevant information, not hygiene. Well both play a part in this. You don’t think mobile devices come with their own anti-bacterial coating do you? Of course not!