New R@H Feature: Exhibit Hall Pop-Up

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Over the past few months, we have been receiving feedback from our customers about their experience with ConferenceBeat, our multi event app. Since we are always striving to improve our user experience, these comments are always appreciated. One of our recent improvements was inspired by such events.

Exhibit Hall mapExhibit Hall Map

One of the key features expected with mobile apps for events and conferences are venue maps. Here, attendees are able to easily see and navigate through the crowded exhibit hall. With ConferenceBeat, a full list of exhibitors is also provided. Although our map has been interactive through pinch zoom capabilities in the past, we’ve continued to improve the functionality.

In addition to a listing of the event exhibitors, our exhibit hall map prominently displays each exhibitor booth. This allows the user to get a quick overview of what the exhibit hall has to offer and how they want to go about navigating the event.


Exhibit hall pop outExhibitor Pop-Up

Now, users have the option to select individual booths for information on each exhibitor. Simply hold down on the booth you want to learn about and a small pop-up will appear. This pop-up lists the booth number and exhibitor name. Once you click the pop-up, you are taken to their profile page. This page includes everything attendees need to know like name, contact information, website, and more.

To check out the multi event app in action, including the new exhibit hall pop-up feature, simply request a free ConferenceBeat demo today!

Have your own suggestions for ConferenceBeat? Feel free to contact us directly with your thoughts or leave them below in the discussion.