Onsite badge printing is a game-changer for event managers!

Discover the magic of badge printing with R@H – where efficiency meets versatility in style! Experience the future of badge printing with us.


Save Time

Save hours of prep time pre-printing, ordering, and re-printing badges.

Faster Check-ins

Don’t hunt through stacks of name tags, track and report check-in instantaneously!

Eliminate Waste

Don't waste time and badge stock on corrections. Register new guests and print badges seamlessly!

App integration

Seamless integration with our cutting-edge registration and app saves you even more time!


Badge Printing Demo


How It Works

Why smart badges with us?

  • Great badges increase engagement
  • Customization--creativity counts
  • Saves resources and time
  • Forges lasting connections between exhibitors and attendees
  • Bundled pricing.
  • Smooth integration with our event management software!

Price starting at $1000

Tap on a badge item to explore the key elements and details for a great badge! The possibilities are endless!

Dietary Restrictions Schedule Emergency Contact Details Ticket Sponsor Attendee Name Event Logo Extra Info: Game Code Attendee Role Participants QR Code Title, Company & Location Speaker Session Name Connection Code

Dietary Restrictions

Add food allergies or other dietary restrictions


Insert a description of your schedule or an image of it!

Emergency Contact Details

Insert first and last name of emergency contact with phone number


Add your ticket information


Add sponsor information and logo

Attendee Name

Add your first and last name here!

Event Logo

Include the event logo in this area, ensuring that its size is easy to read!

Extra Info: Game Code

Consider adding extra and fun information about yourself for a great conversation starter!

Ex: Favorite movie, alma mater etc.

Attendee Role

Add your role to the event!

Participants QR Code

Use QR code(s) to track attendance, credits and additional information!

Title, Company & Location

Provide details of your company/organization such as name, your role and location.

Speaker Session Name

Title of speaker's session.

Connection Code

Make in app connections with a code