10 Event Tech Trends to Watch for 2016

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Again for 2016, we have compiled a list of ten tech trends association and event professionals should watch. However instead of a research paper, we are releasing these trends in an infographic. Read the post to learn more about these trends and how to download the infographic.

R@H Mobile App Sponsorship Guide

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To help explain the many ways our mobile event apps can provide value to sponsors, we’ve created a new sponsorship guide. Read the post for details and to download the guide for free now!

Is Your Organization Mobile App Ready?

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Whether or not your association currently utilizes a mobile app for its annual meeting or as part of a larger, annual engagement strategy, the question remains: Just how ready is your organization to deploy a mobile app?

17 Stats for the Mobile Skeptic [Infographic]

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The recent search algorithm update made by Google, famously named “Mobilegeddon,” has convinced many just how important mobile is. However, there are companies out there who still aren’t convinced. Check out our first ever infographic for 17 mobile stats that prove mobile is here to stay.

R@H Update: Support Video Library

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As a conference app provider, we understand the difficulties of working with new technology. And there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to get the support you need. With our latest portal update, users now have direct access to a full library of video demonstrations.

Our 2015 Strategic Mobile Trends for Associations and Event Leaders

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One of our most successful mobile awareness endeavors was our 2014 Mobile Trends whitepaper accompanied with the 2014 Mobile Readiness Survey. So for 2015, we have a new mobile trends whitepaper and associated survey to help us discover the needs of associations and event professionals. Read more to learn how you can get the scoop on mobile trends and your peers mobile impact.

Mobile Event App Best Practices from R@H

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Recently, we’ve created our very own Best Practices brief for engagement tips through event mobile apps. With activities categorized by before, during, and after the conference, event professionals can truly discover the full potential of mobile technology. Read more for details and to download the full whitepaper.