28 Days to Your Engaging Event App

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Typically, an event app can take months to build. You want to generate excitement for your users and plan the best ways to engage with your audience.

But we all know sometimes we lose track of time or are just short on it! If this explains you as an event planner, then keep reading.

We have created two companion resources to help you launch an engaging event app in just 28 days!

The first is a graphic calendar which gives you an overview of the steps to take throughout the month. The second is a companion paper which provides greater detail on each step.

With these two resources, you will have a step by step strategy to follow when launching your event app.

This strategy includes both event app setup as well as promotional steps to take to get the word out to your members.

Each step varies in time. Some steps take no more than five minutes while others can take up to half an hour. But by spacing out all of your tasks, you’ll feel like you’re event app practically built itself!

To download both resources, visit our 28 Days to Your Engaging Event App page. Fill out the quick form and you'll receive a download link with both resources.

If you have any questions regarding the resource, you can always contact us or leave your message in the comments below.