5 Steps to Successfully Launch an Event App (Infographic)

5 Steps to Successfully Launch an Event App Infographic cover

The importance of promoting your event app to your users can’t be stated enough. How else are they going to know about your app and why to use it?

We’ve created a checklist infographic for you to reference when launching your event app. We suggest starting a month or so (at least) before the day of the event. This gives users enough time to play with the app and become familiar with its functionality before the big day. Plus, the more event app downloads you have beforehand the less problems you’ll face with the venue wi-fi.

Download our 5 Steps to Successfully Launch an Event App checklist now or read a sneak preview below:

Email symbolsEmail Marketing

We know email marketing is an effective channel for promoting your events. So it only makes sense to include your event app communications here.

Start by mentioning your app in your event promo emails to pique the interest of those who are on the fence about registering. Once you have a decent list of registrants, tease different details about the app. Describe key features, offer tips and tricks, and let them know how to submit questions. Spread out the frequency of emails to avoid spamming members and mix up the content to keep it fresh.

Social Media

Using social media marketing for your event app promotion is a great way to connect with your members directly. Not to mention, following your event hashtag is a great way to provide event app support quickly.

And don’t forget to have fun with your posts! Host a Twitter chat on suggestions for the app. Or start a pre-conference photo contest. Share app tips and tricks. Tease speaker polls to boost your event hype. The important thing is to keep your attendees interested and engaged with your event app.


Remember, sharing how to get the event app is just as important as explaining the benefits of using it. Cover all user devices by providing detailed instructions with direct links and QR codes.

Want more tips for launching an event app? Download our Mobile Event App Best Practices for actionable tactics you can implement before, during, and after your events.

Or if you’re not sure if an event app is right for your organization, take our free assessment! We ask the right questions to determine how ready you are for a mobile app and provide the resources you need to move forward.