Results At Hand 2023 Features Recap

This past year was a productive year for our team as we worked on many exciting features to ensure your event not only runs smoothly but also sparkles with innovation and seamless execution. Explore these exciting features for your upcoming events! 

On-site Badge Printing

The year 2023 was truly exhilarating as our badge printing kiosks at R@H brought a wave of excitement. Your badge serves as your key to the door, allowing you to print personalized tickets for drinks, after-hour parties, meals and more! Now, brace yourself for an even more thrilling year ahead, where the seamless blend of professionalism and personalization turns your badge into a captivating conversation starter. Let’s embark on the journey of 2024, making networking experiences truly unforgettable! 

Registration Updates
Now, organizers can effortlessly elevate their invoicing game by incorporating a host of dynamic features.

  • Clients change their minds – send a credit card payment link to a customer with a pending invoice.  
  • If you have numerous promotional codes, easily upload them to the platform in no time.
  • Looking to recover certain administrative or transaction costs? add a surcharge to the cart.  
  • Want to make changes to a pending invoice cart? Now you and your participants can do so!

And coming this month: Send an invoice email with an invoice pdf attachment. Ready to bank some Benjamins? Our registration platform offers a variety of tools to streamline the financial process and add versatility to your cart.

Check-in efficiency and enhanced sessions

Dive into a seamless and engaging journey with the power-packed features of the R@H event app! Picture this: attendees effortlessly keeping tabs on their learning adventure, organizers seamlessly tracking, and the whole event buzzing with optimal interaction and enriched learning outcomes.

Explore additional functionalities:

  • Check Reserved Seats: Need to know how many seats are reserved for a session? Check out the new report in the admin portal.
  • Control Concurrent Session Check-ins: Eliminate the ability to check into concurrent sessions for credits.
  • CEU Tracking: As participants track CEUs for sessions, their personalized schedule is automatically updated.
  • Enhanced Home Navigation: Enjoy a spiffy new look with picture tiles included in the new home navigation.

Embark on an event experience like never before!

Exhibitor benefits

Elevate exhibitor ROI through dynamic instructional videos on lead generation and our intuitive portal. Now seamlessly export contacts from the app and prospect details from the portal. Amplify the exhibitor experience for unparalleled ROI in 2024!

Our goal is to not only guarantee the seamless execution of your events but also infuse them with innovation and brilliance. Start enjoying the benefits of these enhancements now and stay tuned for even more exciting updates in the near future!

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