Top 10 R@H Blog Posts from 2016

Top 10 Results at Hand blog posts from 2016

Can you believe it's already 2017?

Yeah, neither can I.

But before we start focusing on what the New Year will bring us, let's take a moment to look back at our top 10 blog posts from the previous year:

1.)  Brave: A New Open-Source, Mobile-First, Privacy-Oriented Browser

Our most popular post from 2016 is from our CTO and delves into the mobile-first web browser, Brave. With stats on the current mobile environment and ideas for opportunities, this post is perfect for anyone interested in learning more about this mobile web browser.

2.)  5 Things to Consider Before Building Your Own App

For our second post, we took a look at five barriers to building your own mobile app. Although many people think it's simple, building a mobile app can be quite challenging. We're not saying it can't be done. There are just a few things we recommend you consider before taking on the task.

3.)  28 Days to Your Engaging Event App

Many event planners believe they just don't have the time to build an event app. With this resource, we show not only can you build an event app with just 28 days but it can be engaging for attendees too!

4.)  What to Ask Attendees in Post-Event Evaluations

Our fourth most popular post lists out example questions to include on your post-event evaluations. These question examples are related to ranking sessions and to evaluating the overall success of the event. We also include some bonus tips to increasing evaluation participation.

5.)  R@H Update: New App Design

During the year of 2016, we launched a major update to our app's look and feel. This new design has improved user-ability and gives us a more modern look.  Read the post now to see these changes to our app design.

6.)  Membership App Demo in App Stores

A demo of our newest app platform, the Membership App, was released in app stores during the summer of 2016. This new app model supports all of your event, membership, and engagement needs. Click to download our demo from app stores now!

7.)  Enhance your Event with a Photo Contest

During 2016, we noticed an increase in interest in gamification for events. This post describes how GSAE utilized a photo contest game within their mobile app to enhance their 2016 Annual Meeting. See how this photo contest game helped attendees and event organizers alike.

8.)  2017 Tech Trends: Sneak Preview

Every year, we publish a resource on the top tech trends association and event leaders should be aware of for the New Year. We released this teaser post to tide our readers over before publishing the final infogaphic. Check out the teaser post for an inside look or download the 2017 Tech Trends Infographic now!

9.)  How to Advance Advocacy with Apps

Does your organization have an interest in advocacy? Looking for new ways to improve your advocacy efforts? Check out this post for ways mobile can help you advance your advocacy efforts.

10.)  4 Tips for Mobile Recruiting

Our tenth most popular post for 2016 relates to mobile recruiting for associations. Featured on the ISAE Blog, this post outlines four ways mobile can help your association stand out and succeed with its recruiting.


We'd like to send a huge thanks to our readers! We look forward to providing more industry news, company updates, and mobile tips via our blog throughout 2017.

Have a favorite post you don’t see on the list? Have recommendations for content in 2017? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.