Enhance your Event with a Photo Contest

Person taking photo on mobile phone

In a recent post of ours, we talked about the different types of event app games we offer.

With a little creativity, we worked with our client Georgia Society of Association Executives (GSAE) and turned our scavenger hunt game into a photo contest!

Continue reading and see how networking was made easy for event goers at the 2016 GSAE Annual Meeting.

Photo Contest for Attendees

For any event, one of the main objectives is to get people to network. But as any event host knows, it's not always easy.

A mobile event app game is a perfect way to bring people together in a way that's familiar and within their comfort zone.

As one GSAE Annual Meeting attendee stated: "The app is terrific!!! Kudos on a job well done. We needed the schedule and list of attendees today and it was right on my phone. My own personal cheat sheet."

By throwing a photo contest game into the mix, event goers were able to connect with others while having fun. Photo contest challenges varied from photos around the venue to posing with GSAE staff members.

Users used the GSAE App to view the challenges, submit their photos, and see the top photo submissions in the winner's gallery.


Photo Contest for Event Hosts

With our CMS admin portal, event hosts can easily create their own event app game.

Set the rules for the contest, add personal instructions, create the questions, and you're ready to launch your game to attendees.

When it comes to judging, app administrators judge photos right from the app. Simply tap the tab labeled Judging on the photo contest and vote for your favorite submissions.

Only app administrators receive access to the judging tab, ensuring results are secure and accurate to the organization's choosing.

GSAE Annual Meeting 2016 photo contest winner's gallery in phone

How to Incorporate Sponsors and Exhibitors

A photo contest can also be used to promote exhibitor and sponsor networking. Have your exhibitors join the fun by having game participants take pics of exhibitor booth swag, with exhibitor reps, etc.

Get your venue sponsor involved by having them suggest key areas around the venue for pics. Have your "Venue Game Sponsor" provide a prize for winner/s to boost participation.

You as an event host will benefit from the extra sponsorship dollars, exhibitors/ sponsors will appreciate unique face time with attendees, and attendees will enjoy the networking game. It's a win, win, win for yourself and all of your event goers!

Interested in hosting your own in-app photo contest? Or a different type of event app game? Please complete our contact form and ask about our gamification feature add-on for a personal quote.