Who’s Mobile Gaming Now?

Man mobile gaming on phone

Smartphones and applications are used by all. According to Business Insider article by Rebecca Borison, women are now, more than ever, participating with mobile gaming applications.

With gaming applications like the “Kim Karashian: Hollywood” we can see that women have become a new target market for gaming application and find themselves delving into the gaming sector.

So the question would be is how can game apps help events and their event management mobile app?

An event management mobile app interacts with attendees in many different ways, by participating in polls, evaluating the events, and playing games such as scavenger hunts, quiz bowls, & icebreakers.

Your guests can enjoy a variety of challenges, from answering questions about themselves, about educational topics, about exhibitors, etc. to entering pics with others at specified locations throughout your venue. Games can re-inforce learning objectives, prompt networking, and facilitate lead generation for your sponsors & exhibitors!

So next time you grab an event management mobile app, check out the games that could be provided and tailored to your event needs.