5 Event App Tips to Boost Engagement After Your Events

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We know how to increase event app adoption, but how can you use your event app to boost post-event engagement?

Here are 5 event app tips you can use to help keep your attendees around after your event has ended.

Thank Your Event Supporters

While the event is still fresh in their minds, thank your attendees, sponsors, speakers, and other supporters for making your event a success.

Push notifications are a great way to send out your thank you messages. Since it goes directly to their mobile device, you can pretty much guarantee they will see it. Tailor your message to each group or even to specific individuals if you can.

Ask for Feedback

In addition to thanking your event supporters, you should also ask for their feedback.

Host your evaluations in your event app for easy access. Session specific surveys can measure the success of your event’s content while overall event evaluations can focus on things like logistics, location, etc. Be sure to leave some questions open ended for members to share their insights. For example, ask why or why not they would recommend this event to friends.

If you received praise for your event, use this feedback as a testimonial to promote future events. On the contrary, negative comments can be used to improve future events. Taking your members feedback into effect will make them feel important and drive the sense of community further.

Share Your Event Content

If your event app doesn’t already, make sure your session materials are uploaded for members to access on their own. Create a recap section in your app filled with video clips, pictures, and facts that highlight your event. Start reflection conversations in your app chatrooms to see what attendees took from the event experience.

Why not share your event goals too? This gives you a chance to reinforce your organization’s brand and purpose. Sold out of event tickets? Share the success of your event to incentivize early signups for next year. Short on meeting your donation goal? Promote this to members to encourage their contributions. Letting your members know your specific goals lets them know exactly what actions to take next.

ConferenceBeat on iPhoneRun a Post-Event Contest

Get your members engaging with a game in your app. Participants can use the app to read the required task at hand and see the leaderboard to see where they rank among peers.

The game can be a contest, raffle, or scavenger hunt with prizes varying from office goodies to tickets to next year’s event. If you didn’t receive feedback from your surveys, have members submit a testimonial or session topic suggestion to enter. Or have them submit a group photo taken at the event.

The important thing is that your contest is fun while also reinforcing your event.

Promote Upcoming Events

While the event experience is fresh in their minds, promote upcoming events to your members. Offer special pricing for past attendees who register for next year’s event. Or if you’re hosting a webinar that’s related to one of your event’s session, notify that session audience of your webinar. This is a great way to keep your communications tailored to your member needs.


Although an event app can facilitate post-event attendee engagement, users will only want to interact with your past event for so long. But what if your app could be more than just an event app? What if it could support all of your events and generate member engagement year-round?

With the right planning and features, your app can be your one mobile solution for all your member engagement needs. Contact us today to see how.