4 Ways Social Media Marketing can Benefit Associations

Social media marketing icons

If your association isn’t on social media, it may be time to start considering it. Social Media Examiner recently conducted a survey on the social media marketing industry. The results? Over 90% of marketers considered social media to be an important factor to their business. Continue reading for more social media marketing stats and to learn what they mean for associations.

Event Sponsorship: Connecting Organizers with Exhibitors

Exhibit hall of event exhibitors and event sponsors

A recent blog post by Associations Now explored the expectations of event organizers and exhibitors regarding event sponsorship. With a similarity in results, this publication highlights 3 key takeaways for associations to consider. With these in mind, we took it a step further and looked into how having a multi-event app could benefit sponsors

How Successful Has Apple Pay Been?

Apple Pay on iPhone

With the continuous increase in smartphone adoption, more consumers are able to tap into mobile payment services. And now that Apple released its own version, this technology is sure to rise in the future. But just how well is this service, as well as other mobile payment services, doing?