8 Steps to Successful Mobile Activation Workbook

According to a report by Forbes Magazine, “82% of Fortune 500 CEOs feel their organization did an effective job of strategic planning. Only 14% of the same CEOs indicated their organization did an effective job of implementing the strategy.”

Clearly, a real execution gap exists between what we plan to do and what actually gets done. What results, unfortunately, is lost opportunity and revenue.

Often, the launch of a mobile app can fall victim to this gap. It may be perceived as less important than other five-alarm fires the organization is currently battling. But what we know to be true is that a lackluster launch almost always results in:

  • Poor user experiences: users didn’t know there was an app, users don’t know how to download the app, and users grossly underutilize the app
  • Thousands of dollars in lost revenue from exhibitors, members, and sponsors

8 Steps to Mobile Activation

With the help of our partner Aaron Wolowiec at Event Garde, we have created an interactive workbook to help make your mobile app strategy a success– no matter the platform you’re currently using.

This user-friendly workbook will walk you through our 8 step process to plan your mobile activation strategy before, during, and after the launch.

Not sure if a mobile app makes sense for your organization? Already in the planning stages of a mobile app? Or just not happy with how a previous launch went?

Download our 8 Steps to Successful Mobile Activation workbook today and let thought leaders Aaron Wolowiec and Kim Harwood show you how to make your mobile activation strategy a success!