Continuing Education: What? There’s an app for that?

Membership app multi event app in phone

While most organizations have an app to support their annual conference or a single large seminar, some have grokked the benefit of supporting all educational and engagement endeavors with a mobile app or mobile responsive EMS.  This seems intuitive; after all apps can help save resource time, cut paper costs, increase member engagement, & even build a revenue stream.  So why not expand the app to support all educational meeting, webinars, and seminars etc.  Once you include other in-app community features, there are benefits for members well beyond event details and materials.   However, the success of any app whether event-specific or ongoing is dependent on resources and planning…

See the full post on the ISAE Blog, linked here.

FOR MORE INFORMATION:  We have teamed up with Aaron Wolowiec, Learning Strategist at Event Garde, to expand this post into an executable plan for associations.  The eBook “How to Launch your own Mobile App in just 8 Steps!” is due out this Fall.  Join the 8 Steps eBook Waitlist