3 Learning Technologies you must have in your 2019 Education Arsenal

Educational books

Back in 2017 (oh so long ago), Tagoras completed a technology in education survey of membership organizations. Base on the survey responses, Tagoras published the Association Learning & Technology Report, which covered trends and insight on technology to enhance education. Topics included the proliferation of webinars as well as LMS…

Too Many “Apps For That”

“There’s an app for that.” This advertising slogan introduced by Apple has become a part of our vernacular; in 2010 Apple even trademarked the phrase so that competitors wouldn’t be able to use it for their own purposes. As overused as this expression has become, there is truth in its…

8 Steps to Successful Mobile Activation Workbook

According to a report by Forbes Magazine, “82% of Fortune 500 CEOs feel their organization did an effective job of strategic planning. Only 14% of the same CEOs indicated their organization did an effective job of implementing the strategy.” Clearly, a real execution gap exists between what we plan to…

Event Apps, the App Store, and ASAE

Apple has focused on a quality experience for iPhone users from day one – from the iOS UI design to the regular annual rollout events to the iTunes App Store. There has been a lot of discussion lately about this last one – maximizing user experience in the iTunes App…

R@H Update: One-to-One Messaging

Results at Hand blog announcement banner

Our latest feature release includes one-to-one messaging between app users in our mobile apps! Read the post to learn more about its functionality and how to add it to your own mobile app.

Mobile Myths You Still Believe but Shouldn’t

Tech myths on mobile devices and desktops

As an app builder, we hear a multitude of reasons both for and against harnessing mobile apps and technology in general for member engagement. Unfortunately, a few outdated beliefs regarding mobile technology and member usage have lived past their relevance. So we’re providing an update to clear the air!