R@H Update: One-to-One Messaging

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Our in-app chat room has been a hub for communications at events as well as at the membership level. These chat rooms were perfect for starting discussions, scheduling meet-ups, and other various communications with attendees/ members.

But what about the conversations you want to keep private?

Our solution: one-to-one messaging between app users.

One-to-One Messaging

Our new feature, one-to-one messaging, allows app users to communicate with one another directly in the mobile app.

To allow one-to-one messaging with another app user, you must first request to make a connection. This request will notify the user that you have a connection with them pending.

Once you have made a connection, your permissions for one-to-one messaging will be open for that user. Simply locate My Connections from the side menu, tap the user you want to message, and tap the Actions button to start a new message.

To prevent the possibility of spamming, we have also implemented the ability to block a user. Simply tap the Actions button on the user and select Block user.

Want this feature for your own app?

Email us at support@resultsathand.com or fill out our contact form and let us know you're interested in one-to-one messaging for your app!

One to one messaging between mobile event app users on iPhone