Promoting Conference Networking: Before, During, and After

A new year means a new set of events to plan and host—and you want to make sure that they’re better and more successful than the previous year’s! For conferences, a great way to improve your existing event plan is to facilitate networking among your attendees and their qualified leads.…

R@H Update: One-to-One Messaging

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Our latest feature release includes one-to-one messaging between app users in our mobile apps! Read the post to learn more about its functionality and how to add it to your own mobile app.

3 Takeaways from my First Conference at 2015 MPI MAC

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Do you remember your first event or conference? For me, mine was just a week ago at MPI MAC. And I wasn’t just an attendee, I was also an exhibitor for Results at Hand and sponsor for our conference app. No matter how much I prepared, MPI’s 2015 MidAmerica Conference was like nothing I ever experienced or even expected. So as a first time attendee, here are my top 3 takeaways from the conference.  

ORGPRO 2014 Enhances Networking with the R@H Connect App

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Hosted in Grand Rapids this July, ORGPRO by MSAE is a leading conference for organization professionals in the non-profit sector. For 2014, this event decided to offer members a new technology to improve engagement among association executives: a new conference mobile app. But not just any conference mobile app, one developed specifically for networking. See how the use of BLE technology and our Connect feature allowed us to do just that.