ORGPRO 2014 Enhances Networking with the R@H Connect App

Networking smartphone in hand

BLE and Mobile

So, what exactly is BLE? Bluetooth technology, as many may know, is built into gadgets and is used to connect these gadgets wirelessly. Bluetooth low energy (BLE) is still a wireless personal network but is optimized for greater distances. BLE also enhances location-based awareness and services while benefitting from reduced power consumption. For example, electronic beacons placed throughout the exhibit hall could be utilized by exhibitor booths to send personal push notifications to the user’s mobile device as they pass by. When combined with a conference mobile app, BLE can offer a custom experience to each user. However, it’s not the only thing BLE technology can do for events.

2014 OrgProORGPRO 2014

ORGPRO is Michigan’s premier networking event for organization professionals in the not-for-profit sector. This year will offer a great opportunity for professionals to engage with other association leaders while bettering business goals.

Edward Woods III, the Director of Learning and Leadership Experiences for MSAE, states, “As a learning and leadership experiences event, ORGPRO 2014 also provides an opportunity to connect and engage peers in the industry in identifying best practices and lessons learned through innovation.”

Making Connections

By utilizing a conference mobile app specializing in networking, participants of ORGPRO will be able to manage professional relationships all through their mobile device. Finding speakers, sponsors, hosts and other attendees is easy through the People search. While meeting in person, our Connect feature allows members to bump & hold their mobile devices in very close proximity to exchange contact info over a Bluetooth connection.

For those without Bluetooth capabilities, attendees can still easily share info by scanning an in-app QR code. No more handing out business cards and writing down personal reminders. Instead, Connect keeps track of all leads, organizing them with a lead status and contact notes, and even allows the user to save the contact information directly to their phone for future reference. Additionally, the conference mobile app makes it simple to download all of these new contact details directly to the member’s CRM system at their organization.

In Conclusion

With the objective of increasing engagement, ORGPRO 2014 is offering attendees a custom networking app to help the process. This conference mobile app will allow members to effortlessly find the right professionals, exchange contact info, and keep track of the data in an organized fashion. As MSAE’s Edward Woods III explains,“Results @ Hand’s networking app is an integral part in connecting the dots providing member value, delivering the message and maximizing your resources for ORGPRO 2014.”