R@H Update: Reservations and Seat Limits

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Our seat limits feature for sessions has been updated.

With seat limits, you can easily ensure your educational sessions are never overbooked or too full.

Simply use our CMS Admin Portal to set your seat limits for certain sessions and app users will be able to reserve their seat with the tap of a button!


You can also use this updated feature to set aside restaurant reservations.

Create the reservation as a session in the agenda, set the seat limit number, and tell attendees to tap the Reserve Seat button at the top to claim their spot.

Above the reservation button is the total number of seats left, which will let attendees know just how full the reservation is.

Mobile event app seat limit dinner reservation feature

Want this feature for your own app?

Just contact support@resultsathand.com or complete our contact form and let us know your interest in having seat limits for your events!