Event Apps, the App Store, and ASAE

Apple has focused on a quality experience for iPhone users from day one – from the iOS UI design to the regular annual rollout events to the iTunes App Store. There has been a lot of discussion lately about this last one – maximizing user experience in the iTunes App…

How Successful Has Apple Pay Been?

Apple Pay on iPhone

With the continuous increase in smartphone adoption, more consumers are able to tap into mobile payment services. And now that Apple released its own version, this technology is sure to rise in the future. But just how well is this service, as well as other mobile payment services, doing?

The 6th and 8th

Apple building

The excitement could be heard by your company, coworker, friend, or family member – Apple is coming out with a new iPhone 6 and iOS 8 soon! That means whether you want to or not, we are all listening to the rumors and gossip about the new technology. Those rumors include the larger phone size, the thinner body, to the unbreakable screens, and the new health features. Whether they are rumors or fact, we are excited to see what Apple has to bring.=

Operating Systems

Woman using mobile apps on iPhone

With the number of mobile devices per user increasing, it is important to be aware of all their operating systems. Android and iOS are the most recognizable, but are they the only ones you should be considering?