The 6th and 8th

Apple building

Mobile apps on iPhone

With all new technology, we find it makes our lives easier and helps enhance everything we do. As app developers, it is an exciting time to enhance our multi event app as well as make sure our service works on latest technology.

But there are always those who aren’t ready to make the transition to the new iPhone and iOS. For those not ready, all we have to say is don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you. It is important to make sure apps function for everyone even if not everyone is carrying the latest device. Alienating people is no fun and we wouldn’t be great at what we do if we did.

So whether you get a new iphone 6 or stay with your older model, there is nothing to worry about as we make sure our multi event app work for all models and OS’s.

Oh and if you interested about Apple’s Sept. 9th special event, click here

We’ll be watching!