8 Steps to Successful Mobile Activation Workbook

According to a report by Forbes Magazine, “82% of Fortune 500 CEOs feel their organization did an effective job of strategic planning. Only 14% of the same CEOs indicated their organization did an effective job of implementing the strategy.” Clearly, a real execution gap exists between what we plan to…

Cloud Storage, Education, and the #ROLapp

Clouds in sky

I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “the cloud.” Short for cloud computing, the cloud refers to the storing and accessing of data over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. With the use of mobile apps for events and conferences, see how cloud storage can be extremely useful to associations and how it can be tied with educational objectives.

Demonstrating Value to the Choosiest of Members


Presented at OSAE’s Annual Conference last month, this interactive session focused on engagement measurements as well as technology trends and solutions. Attendees received effective strategies to help define and promote unique value propositions for their associations. Read our post for more information on the duo presentation by Event Garde and Results@Hand.