Best Practices for Event Email Marketing

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Event email marketing is never an easy task. You need to focus on providing accurate, relevant information in a timely manner to your registrants all the while your other event planning tasks are going on. And most importantly, you need to make sure your email doesn’t get buried in your reader’s inbox. Luckily, we are here to help with these event email marketing best practices. Plus, we offer some extra email tips for event planners with event apps.

Why Wi-Fi? Part II

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Our previous blog post on the topic offered event planners a few tips to help make the process of offering Wi-Fi at events a bit easier. During our mobile research, we found an additional resource we felt professionals in the industry could benefit from.

Why Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi broadcast tower

As the number of connected devices increases, so does the demand for connections. However, current Wi-Fi standards are unable to meet this demand, causing event planners with mobile event apps to find themselves in the dark on the day of the event. So, what can event planners do?