Strategies for Event Sponsorship and App Advertising

A past survey stated that 90% of event planners put finding an event sponsor as one of their top two concerns when planning events. With attendance projected to increase for tradeshows and conference in 2024 and non-airfare costs are forecasted to hit $833.33 per attendee according to the Amex Events forecast for 2024, event planners must rise to the challenge and entice more sponsors and exhibitors to support their events.  Planners need to pinpoint desired advertising opportunities for potential sponsor and the more the better!

According to a Exhibitor’s Trade Show Sponsorship Survey, slightly more than half (52%) of exhibitors would prefer to select sponsorships à la carte rather than bundled packages. So, this leaves planners to create more options as demand for packages versus à la carte is almost evenly split.

When creating sponsorship packages and advertising opportunities à la carte, there are some clear desired opportunities and those that aren’t!  According to the Exhibitor’s survey, among the list of least effective sponsorship options included: Hotel-room door hangers, cups/napkins, hotel room drops, and hotel key cards/sleeves. As far as marketing potential, here are a few of the most effective sponsorship opportunities: speaking engagements, show e-blasts, networking events, and event apps.

Why App Sponsorship?

Apps provide access to the target market and the market’s viewership for an extended period: before the event, during the event and after the event.

Before the event: As participants prepare for the event, they will access the app to check out the agenda and directory for friends who are attending, as well as review materials. So well before the event,  sponsorship marketing is drawing eyeballs!

During: App viewing is at an all-time high during the event, which means sponsors can’t be missed!

After: Unlike other sponsorship options, once the event is over, the sponsorship is still attracting viewers. After the event, participants access the app to download materials, fill in surveys, and follow up with contacts made at the event.


App Sponsorship shouldn’t be about finding a single sponsor and done!  Setup whole app bundled packages as well as à la carte options, and combine the app advertising with non-digital options for a more valuable package.   There are a multitude of opportunities in a mobile event app.

With the event app splash page, sponsors are front and center. Planners can either sell the entire space or simply feature the logo on this screen. This screen appears prior to the event menu, welcoming attendees!

Banners offer great exposure for sponsors by linking to the company profile, providing users with a direct means to contact the sponsor, providing materials and promotions instantly, etc.  Furthermore, planners grant platinum sponsors exclusive ad space in the event app. Linked from the home screen navigation,  from sponsor banners, via notifications, etc., this event app section can be utilized to showcase products, resources, promote special offers, and much more!

Explore additional sponsorship options such as push notifications, session sponsors, CEU transcripts, gamification, and more! Discover how to leverage all these features and set the best pricing by requesting a sponsorship guide today!

R@H Mobile App Sponsorship Guide – Results at Hand Software LLC