Michigan Meetings Expo – App Gamification!

Michigan Meetings Expo was not only a successful event, but it was a fun event too! The expo was Olympic-themed and each exhibitor was assigned a country. From Italy to Mexico, the booths were decorated on theme which made the event fun and engaging for attendees!

In addition to an engaging Olympic-Style theme, to improve attendee engagement at the Michigan Meetings Expo Tradeshow and to help foster powerful networking opportunities, ResultsAtHand  provided app gamification. Within the ConferenceBeat event management app, exhibitors can choose a game for attendees to play at their booth. Game options range from trivia, ring toss, basket toss, and so much more! The games encouraged attendees to remain engaged and open to networking with booth attendants. Some friendly competition was super fun for everyone and added another layer of personalization to each booth!

To create a fun and competitive atmosphere, booth attendants awarded points for players by simply scanning the QR code on their badge. The more points players were awarded, the better chance they had at winning special prizes at the end of the expo.

One event participant, Shannon Osburn with Automotive Industry Action Group, shared her experience with the in-app games:

One of the highlights of the Michigan Meetings Expo was the Olympic Style Tradeshow! Using the app, we met with the booths where we either had to answer a question or play a game. It was so much fun. The leaderboard kept us up to date on how we were doing…as I spent most of the game in first place there was some fun competition with a colleague who was in second. It was great networking and a lot of fun. Definitely a memorable experience and I ended up taking the bronze medal which isn’t so bad. Using the app was super easy and a great tool!

– Shannon Osburn, Event Manager, Automotive Industry Action Group

Another event participant, Ariel Backus, CMP, CTA with Choose Lansing, also shared her experience with the app gamification:

“Offering attendees gamification in the mobile app creates a symbiotic relationship for both vendors and attendees by generating opportunities for engagement and interaction while also fueling attendees’ competitive spirit!”

– Ariel Backus, CMP, CTA, Director of Sales, National Accounts, Choose Lansing

The option to gamify events via the ResultsAtHand ConferenceBeat app encourages players and booth attendants to network while participating in the games. The ability to network at events like this allows attendees to create lasting connections that are mutually beneficial and added a layer of personalization for a more memorable experience for all!

The Destination Michigan team strives to incorporate fun into the education and networking activities of the Expo.  Here is what the event organizer (Kim Corcoran, CMP, CTA) had to say about this event and working with ResultsAtHand:

“Working with ResultsAtHand for our Michigan Meetings Expo has been nothing short of fantastic. They have truly become my go-to partner for everything related to event apps and registration. Their willingness to brainstorm, think outside the box, and create innovative experiences is unmatched. This time, we introduced an Olympic-themed game during our tradeshow, and thanks to ResultsAtHand, our attendees were able to track their points and progress on a real-time leaderboard, all competing for a gold medal. It was a huge hit and added an exciting layer to our event. I couldn’t imagine planning an event without their expertise and creativity.”

– Kim Corcoran, CMP, CTA, Executive Director, Destination Michigan

To learn more about how you can create meaningful networking opportunities at your next event, please contact Kim Harwood, kim@resultsathand.com or check out our website.