Twitter for #Eventprofs

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Social Media for Events eBook

Events can no longer ignore social networks. However, deciding which to use and how can be overwhelming. Not to mention, 54% of planners fail to measure their social media efforts. Luckily, there’s help.

Recently, Event Manager Blog released their Social Media for Events book. Inside, readers will find social media research, case studies, tips and tactics, and specific uses for event professionals. It’s a perfect resource for both beginners and experienced users interested in learning social media strategies for events.

With Facebook first, Twitter is the second most used social network at events. And uses go beyond marketing. For example, you can search for speakers and see the conversations around their presentation. This will allow you to determine if they were a good fit when planning future conferences & events. It can also be used as a source of timely customer service when complaints and issues arise.

Within their eBook, there are 10 infographic visuals of the major social networks. Each explains the channel’s purpose, structure of a perfect update, stats, etiquette, and use for events. One of these infographics titled Twitter for #eventprofs can be found below:


Enhance Social with an App for Events

RAH app social mediaDuring EventMB’s research, event professional participants were asked, “Which social media channels would you like to learn more about or you don’t understand?” The highest response with 38.5% was social media integrated with mobile apps for events and conferences.

Our Mobile App for Events Best Practices highlights social media tactics for before, during, and after the conference. When it comes to Twitter, the importance of having a unique and specific event hashtag cannot be stated enough. Include it on your promotional materials and ask attendees to include it their own posts. This allows you to see all the communications about your event in one place. Monitor the hashtag for questions, complaints, and praise. Use it to promote upcoming sessions and any interesting moments. Encourage exhibitors, speakers, and sponsors to join the conversation and connect with attendees.

Even further, mobile apps for events can incorporate certain features with social. An example of this would be our app’s Photo Gallery. Event goers can share their favorite moments by posting their images to the gallery. Once posted, users can easily share their photos with their social network base through their phone.