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Why sponsor? 24×7 brand exposure for event sponsors!

Sponsorship generally increases brand awareness and credibility for the organization as well as the event itself. An attendee will admire the fact that organizations were involved with the event and in turn will build a certain trust with their brand. But what if you could go beyond the ordinary of simply listing your sponsors in the back of the conference paper guide? That’s what conference apps are for! Sponsoring through conference apps grants new options for both the sponsor and event organizer. With the sponsor appearing on attendee’s mobile devices, exposure to the event’s target industry is guaranteed.

With our ConferenceBeat app, we provide a number of new sponsorship revenue opportunities for event organizers and hosts.

Give Exhibitors additional exposure away from the BOOTH

As an exhibitor, there is already complementary sponsorship within the conference mobile app. Our exhibit hall map shows each booth at the conference and also features a full list of exhibitors. Here, attendees can view company information, which the exhibitor can update with a logo, description, links, etc. Exhibitors are also listed in the People section of ConferenceBeat so they can connect with all event members. This opens the door for communication and allows participants to reach out to exhibitors directly. So instead of hoping to find the right person in the hall, conference members are able to contact exhibitors directly through their mobile phones.

WSAE app sponsorsApp Sponsor advertisements live past the closing ceremony

Similar to exhibitor app sponsorship offerings, five organizations have the chance to be featured throughout the conference mobile app as app sponsors. However, these sponsors have the advantage of preferred listing in the exhibitor list and exhibit hall as well as a separate appearance in the Sponsor listing. Contact information for the organization is still accessible to attendees for direct communications to take place.

Last but not least, their company banner is displayed prominently on the homepage of their conference mobile app. With all of this additional exposure throughout the conference mobile app, app sponsors are guaranteed to be noticed by users.

Save the best for LAST with Game Sponsorship

Some conferences include in-app gamification for attendees. These sponsors can customize their game content to tailor to the event’s specific needs. If the objective is to bring more attention to the exhibit hall, sponsors can integrate game hints and QR codes at exhibit booths to help increase traffic. Want to increase engagement? Offer a contest where attendees need to acquire as many new contacts from the event, including speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and other colleagues. Incorporating a fun mobile app activity tied to the event’s goal will generate more interactions with the ability to be effectively measured.

Ultimate App Sponsor – a brand new sponsor category

ConferenceBeat allows one ultimate app sponsor per event. This sponsor benefits from multiple event app listings, a homepage banner ad, and more. They also have the ability to add in-app conference notifications. These can be utilized for promoting an educational session or a limited time offer to generate booth traffic. In-app notifications can be used by sponsors for a number of reasons and all guarantee direct exposure to potential clients. Since they are so involved with the app, the ultimate app sponsor also has access to campaign stats. This allows them to measure the success of their efforts of sponsoring through our conference mobile app.

View our image below for a full description of the features and benefits each sponsorship level with ConferenceBeat includes:

R@H app sponsorship levels
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