R@H Update and Demo Video

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Push Notifications

We have offered our users the ability to send notifications either pre-scheduled or in real time for a while now. However, we now allow users to send in-app and push notifications to different groups of people. For example, you can alert registered attendees of an upcoming session. Or reach out to your association’s members specifically for a special offer. Using tailored notifications is a great way to share relevant content to the right group of people.

We hope this new feature provides both members and leaders alike with an improved experience through our multi event app. If you have any of your own suggestions to better the R@H multi event app, leave a comment below!

Explainer Video

We are happy to announce we have released a new explainer video featuring ConferenceBeat. Giving an overview of everything our multi event app can do for you, this video is a great way to learn about ConferenceBeat in two quick minutes. Click the video link below and see how you can get better event results at a price your board will love:

If there are any features you would like us to show, please feel free to contact us directly or leave it in the comments below!