New R@H Feature: Photo Galleries

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Photo Gallery Feature

We all love taking photos at events. And even more so, we love having them shared. Now ConferenceBeat allows attendees to upload, view, and share their best photos at their conference all through the app for events.

To view the event’s photo albums, select the Photo Gallery tab on the home screen. Here, you can see all the albums posted on the app for events. Just click the title of an album to see the full set of photos, where you can also select individual photos for a closer view. If you’re interested in uploading your own photo to an album, open the album and click the Add Photo link at the top of the page!

photo sharingShare with Others

Want to share your pictures with others? No problem! Just select the desired image you want to post and click Share on the top left corner. Here, you can easily share images with your contacts as well as via social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook.

Pricing Info

This feature is included in our premium plan and can be added to any standard plan for $250. Please view our pricing page for a further breakdown of all the different features included in our app for events package offerings.

ISAE Annual Conference Debut

Debuting at ISAE’s Annual Conference this week, we are extremely excited to see how this feature will be utilized at upcoming events. We encourage all attendees to photograph and share their favorite moments at the event in the ISAE Memories photo gallery. Also, please feel free to share your questions, comments, and even own experiences with our new Photo Gallery in-app function below in our comments!