New Product Launch: Membership App

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What’s New?

Just last week we returned from OSAE and ISAE’s annual conferences. We’ve been sponsoring these conferences for four years now and wanted to give members new and improved experiences.

At both conferences, we launched our new product: the membership app. Rather than just supporting the annual conference, this app supports all of the organization’s events, resources, and communications for the year.

So what all does the membership app have to offer?

In-app event listingAll Events in One App

One of the best features of the membership app is the ability to support ALL events.

From small internal meetings and webinars and to large trade shows and conferences, each event comes with its own listing and relevant features.

Members can easily search for events and create their own schedule with the My Events tab.

Member Directory

Use the member directory to find like members and form special interest groups (SIG). SIG members can participate in group-specific activities and events. Share pics and chatroom posts with other group members.

Personal Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to communicate with members. Encourage members to turn these on so they never miss an important update.

Lunch running behind at your conference? Instead of running around trying to get the word out, planners can push a single notification to everyone. But what if you have something you want to communicate to a group or even just an individual?


Teams allow organizers to easily share the right information with the right people.

Have an upcoming board election? Make it visible to only the board members. Found a lost wallet? Send them an alert and let them know directly.

Events, notifications, materials, and even specific features can all be assigned to teams.

Resource Center

We’re all familiar with session attachments. Attendees can download, take notes, and share these materials right from their mobile devices. It’s also a great way to save on printing costs.

But don’t you have materials for all of your members, like policies and publications? With the membership app, you can easily share your organization’s resources. Let members view, download, and save for later right on their mobile devices.


By offering year-round communication channels and pertinent resources, the membership app by R@H goes way beyond an event app.

Contact us today and see how we can create your all-in-one mobile solution that’s still within your budget.