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Managing your registration process is even easier with our registration platform features!

  1. Invoice PDF: Send an invoice email with an invoice pdf attachment automatically. 
  2. Confirmation Emails: Streamline your registration and payments effortlessly! Simply resend confirmation emails upon request, forward your registration payment confirmation or invoice emails to the right folks–billing department, accounting team or anyone else handling payments.
  3. Credit Card Payment Links: Enhance the payment process by including a credit card payment link on your registration email!

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ROE: Return On Experience

In 2024, event success isn’t just about revenue—it’s about fostering diverse attendee perspectives for an unforgettable experience. Enter Return on Experience (ROE), spotlighting engaging metrics, networking, innovation, and creativity alongside financial ones. By blending qualitative and quantitative data, organizers can enhance future events, guided by participants’ firsthand experiences!

6 must-have features for your event web page

A lot of hard work goes into planning an event for your organization, from bigger details such as booking venues to smaller details like named badges and designs. A webpage can help enhance the overall experience and allow attendees to gather all the information they need to decide whether to attend and register for the event in one fell swoop. Features such as eye-catching multimedia, calls-to-action, and more can help elevate your webpage.

Take advantage of these newly available features just for you. And don’t forget to stay updated on the latest in the event industry by checking out our newest articles!