How Mobile Devices can Enhance your Event Experience

Attendees networking on mobile device technology

Mobile devices have begun enhancing our daily activities in almost every way possible. From the way we shop, take notes, play games, and much more.

I have recently come across a great example about enhancing the world cup experience and it is not the only sport this can be done with.

But what about your event? Can smartphones enhance your event’s experience?

Yes, with a mobile app for events!

Enhance your event with a mobile app for events

With an events mobile app, your attendees will be able to engage like never before. They would no longer need a note pad and pen as they take notes. Now they can share their notes through their mobile phone.


Yes, a mobile app for events will let you share notes, profiles, pictures, and shout out about the conference through your favorite social media platforms like twitter. Your attendees will engage socially and experience an event in a way they haven’t before!

How else can we engage?

Let your attendees be part of the conference instead of them nodding off, texting, or playing games on their phone. Let them use those mobile devices to engage by taking polls in real time or ask or send a message to the speaker!

Speaking of games…

Attendees don’t have to just use the mobile app for events to guide them around the expos and participate with the speakers. They can engage in scavenger hunts and climb atop the scavenger hunt leaderboard. Take pictures and show off through Facebook or Twitter the enjoyment they are having at the event as well as save them for memory value.

What is the best part of having a mobile app for events?

You can have all these features and much more on just one app! The Results@Hand events mobile app, ConferenceBeat, can make sure you have all these features and much more for your attendees.

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