Better Events in 2023!

The Results@Hand team has been busy preparing new engagement and savings opportunities for you!   Let’s take a look at a few new and improved features for your next events.

1. ScanAttend for Android

The ScanAttend app used for tracking attendance at events is now available for Androids.  The same functionality in the iOS app is available in the ScanAttend Android app.  Admins and volunteers can scan attendees in and out of the event and sessions.  In kiosk mode, attendees can scan themselves in and out — limiting the resources you need at the event.  Save money on your devices & look for ScanAttend in Google Play this month!

2. Event Scheduling

From speaker proposals to event agenda in a snap!  Manage the review process of speaker submissions with new features like randomize submission assignments to the review team, hide speaker identifying fields during the review process, track review team member progress and email those who need a friendly reminder to review more submissions. Once you have finalized your Speaker list, drag and drop the sessions into your schedule! 

3. Targeted Campaigns

Target teams and filter your campaign audience based on activities!  For example, target all of those who haven’t logged into the app or target those who haven’t completed the evaluation, etc.  Invite exhibitors to add product videos, upload handouts, & update their chatroom in the exhibitor portal.   Sharing instructions and updates to a targeted audience at the right time helps improve your open rate and your event’s success.  *applies to app notifications and emails.

4. Map Builder

Upload your image, drop your booths on the canvas, change colors, add labels, and viola your tradeshow map is ready!