New Product Launch: Membership App

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We are proud to announce the launch of our new membership app. Offering year-round communication channels and pertinent resources, this app goes way beyond your typical event app. Read the post to learn more about the app’s features and how they can benefit association leaders and members alike.

R@H Update: Support Video Library

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As a conference app provider, we understand the difficulties of working with new technology. And there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to get the support you need. With our latest portal update, users now have direct access to a full library of video demonstrations.

R@H Update: New Mobile Event App Interface

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We are proud to announce our new app interface! We’ve improved the app’s look and feel with a new home nav option, a customizable background image, and responsive banner ads. Read more and see how you can get free access to our updated mobile event app now.

R@H Update and Demo Video

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It’s that time again! We’ve made an update to our mobile apps and we’re here to tell you about it. PLUS we have a new explainer video we’d love to share with you!

New R@H Feature: Exhibit Hall Pop-Up

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We’ve been listening to recent feedback from our customers on ways to improve our mobile app. We value any and all feedback from our users, but one comment we paid particular attention to was regarding our exhibit hall map. Read more to learn about our latest update to this feature.

OSAE 2014 Annual Conference Success

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At OSAE’s 2014 Annual Conference, attendees experienced a number of new opportunities while using our event app. More specifically, those who participated in the conference’s Pub Crawl event were able to view teams, track their performance, share their best photos, and more! Read the post and see how OSAE found results through our app for events.

New R@H Feature: Photo Galleries

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Our apps for events and associations give users the option to view and share event photos right in-app through the new Photo Gallery feature! Debuting at ISAE’s 2014 Annual Conference today, we are looking forward to see how this new feature will be utilized. Read the post for details on functionality, pricing, and more!