Is Your Organization Mobile App Ready?

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Whether or not your association currently utilizes a mobile app for its annual meeting or as part of a larger, annual engagement strategy, the question remains: Just how ready is your organization to deploy a mobile app?

17 Stats for the Mobile Skeptic [Infographic]

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The recent search algorithm update made by Google, famously named “Mobilegeddon,” has convinced many just how important mobile is. However, there are companies out there who still aren’t convinced. Check out our first ever infographic for 17 mobile stats that prove mobile is here to stay.

Our 2015 Strategic Mobile Trends for Associations and Event Leaders

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One of our most successful mobile awareness endeavors was our 2014 Mobile Trends whitepaper accompanied with the 2014 Mobile Readiness Survey. So for 2015, we have a new mobile trends whitepaper and associated survey to help us discover the needs of associations and event professionals. Read more to learn how you can get the scoop on mobile trends and your peers mobile impact.

Accomplish your New Year’s Resolution with Mobile Apps

New year's resolution on calendar

We rely on our mobile devices for just about everything. So why not utilize them to help you achieve your New Year’s Resolution? With January 1 around the corner, here is a list of free mobile apps that can help you stay on target throughout 2015. 

How Successful Has Apple Pay Been?

Apple Pay on iPhone

With the continuous increase in smartphone adoption, more consumers are able to tap into mobile payment services. And now that Apple released its own version, this technology is sure to rise in the future. But just how well is this service, as well as other mobile payment services, doing?

Go Mobile Without The Flu

Flu season ahead

“It is that time of the year again,” I know I’m tired of hearing that line, but it’s true! It’s that time when germs spread and somehow everyone you know has gotten sick! First things first, you likely came here to read technology relevant information, not hygiene. Well both play a part in this. You don’t think mobile devices come with their own anti-bacterial coating do you? Of course not!

The 6th and 8th

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The excitement could be heard by your company, coworker, friend, or family member – Apple is coming out with a new iPhone 6 and iOS 8 soon! That means whether you want to or not, we are all listening to the rumors and gossip about the new technology. Those rumors include the larger phone size, the thinner body, to the unbreakable screens, and the new health features. Whether they are rumors or fact, we are excited to see what Apple has to bring.=

Cloud Storage, Education, and the #ROLapp

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I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “the cloud.” Short for cloud computing, the cloud refers to the storing and accessing of data over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. With the use of mobile apps for events and conferences, see how cloud storage can be extremely useful to associations and how it can be tied with educational objectives.