12 Tips to Increase Event App Adoption

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Sometimes no matter how much you express the value in an event app, some attendees still won’t download it. Their reasons may vary from not feeling comfortable with the technology to just not knowing about it. Whatever the reason, there are several different strategies event professionals can implement to drive event app adoption.

Event Sponsorship: Connecting Organizers with Exhibitors

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A recent blog post by Associations Now explored the expectations of event organizers and exhibitors regarding event sponsorship. With a similarity in results, this publication highlights 3 key takeaways for associations to consider. With these in mind, we took it a step further and looked into how having a multi-event app could benefit sponsors

Twitter for #Eventprofs

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If you aren’t using social media for your events yet, you are missing a wealth of opportunities. Each channel offers different ways to connect with your attendees and to measure their engagements. But you may be asking how do I get started? 

How to Define the Best Conference App

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Finding the right conference app for your organization can be overwhelming. The number of apps out there seem to increase by the day while the new features are also ever-growing with technology. We’re here to help by comparing the major app providers out there to our conference app.

Why Wi-Fi?

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As the number of connected devices increases, so does the demand for connections. However, current Wi-Fi standards are unable to meet this demand, causing event planners with mobile event apps to find themselves in the dark on the day of the event. So, what can event planners do?

How to Increase Member Attendance for Your Association’s Conferences

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It happens again and again. You do everything you can to get your members to attend your conference, yet many never show up. Ask yourself- did you really do everything you could? Probably not. A recent blog post by Kalahari Meetings listed tips for associations to use to get members to attend their next conference. Read our blog post for these tips and our own event app take on them. 

More Sponsorship Opportunities with Results@Hand

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Conference apps give suppliers/exhibitors around the clock exposure to their target audience during the entire conference. As an event organizer or host, if you are looking for new sponsorship revenue options, or a way to enhance your current event sponsor packages, or even a new unique exposure option for exhibitors — a conference mobile app, like ConferenceBeat, makes different sponsorship opportunities a reality for your organization.

Mobile Event App Best Practices from R@H

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Recently, we’ve created our very own Best Practices brief for engagement tips through event mobile apps. With activities categorized by before, during, and after the conference, event professionals can truly discover the full potential of mobile technology. Read more for details and to download the full whitepaper.

Who’s Mobile Gaming Now?

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Smartphones and applications are used by all. According to Business Insider article by Rebecca Borison, women are now, more than ever, participating with mobile gaming applications. With gaming applications like the “Kim Karashian: Hollywood” we can see that women have become a new target market for gaming application and find themselves delving into the gaming sector. So the question would be is how can game apps help events and their event management mobile app?

ORGPRO 2014 Enhances Networking with the R@H Connect App

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Hosted in Grand Rapids this July, ORGPRO by MSAE is a leading conference for organization professionals in the non-profit sector. For 2014, this event decided to offer members a new technology to improve engagement among association executives: a new conference mobile app. But not just any conference mobile app, one developed specifically for networking. See how the use of BLE technology and our Connect feature allowed us to do just that.